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Lime Green And Orange And Classic In North Admiral

Got a bit under half a million for a 1940 classic? Here's a 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath, 1,940 square foot house built just before the war. It cost a lot less than today's $499,500. The neighborhood may not even changed much. The world has. Some of the original style remains. Some of that should be celebrated. Some of that should be renovated.

Lime green and orange are back in style. Right? If so, great! Then that kitchen is just right the way it is. Though, it might be nice to have a range that fits the space. The original must have been replaced; otherwise, why build the cabinets that way. Ah, but that's a cosmetic detail. As long as it all works.

There are little signs of the 1940s. The lack of eaves was common then. The softly rounded concrete beside the steps. Those probably won't change. The upstairs fireplace with the accented tile work in the mantel. The downstairs fireplace that sits in a wood-paneled room like the original man cave. Cedar closets to dissuade the bugs. The bathroom porcelain has a few extra flourishes that aren't in the big box stores. The slightly bayed window in the dining room that offers a bit more space without becoming an extrusion. Oh yeah, and the lime and orange kitchen.

Of course, there is that option of a major remodel and following the listing's suggestion of a second story for a better view. And maybe some downstairs fixes while you're at it. Either max out the man cave or turn it into an artist's studio. Oh, and why not, add some proper eaves. It rains here, you know.
· 1615 45th Ave SW [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath