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Curbed Cup 2014 Is Coming To Name Seattle's Best Neighborhood

In 2011, tiny Fremont bested behemoths Ballard, Capitol Hill and Queen Anne to take home the inaugural Curbed Cup for Seattle's Best Neighborhood. In 2012, Fremont returned to the championship round only to feel the sting of defeat at the hands of Ballard. Last year, Greenwood unseated Ballard to claim the title for itself.

A year has passed and now it's time to determine which Seattle neighborhood stands tall above all the others as The Greatest Neighborhood Of Them All. To do so, we're going to need your help.

A full 16 neighborhoods will face off in this year's Curbed Cub tournament, but which 16 should they be? That means we need as many nominations as you can muster. Nominate a 'hood (or seven) in the comments below. Send us an email to let us know your nominations. Tweet us your nominations. Leave us a Facebook message with your nominations. We'll tally them all up to determine the 16 Seattle neighborhoods that deserve to be put up for a vote.

What makes a neighborhood Curbed Cup worthy? It's a neighborhoods that saw the most exciting things happen in 2013. We're talking new restaurants, new development, newly-created parklets, awesome retail openings, and that certain undefinable sense that this neighborhood is better than all the other neighborhoods. Make your case now!
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