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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (5) South Lake Union vs. (13) Green Lake

The Curbed Cup, Curbed Seattle annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, continues today (get caught up on 1st round results here). This week we're down to the Elite Eight. Each day we'll put two match-ups to a vote, with results reviewed on Wednesday. Polls are open for 24 hours, starting now!

Photo: Flickr/Will Merydith
In one corner…South Lake Union, the winner that rallied to erase Wallingford's early lead.

Not long ago the only reason to go to South Lake Union was to either visit the boats or drive through to another part of the city. Now, corporations have big plans for the space. Brain scientists are moving in. How geeky cool is that? The restaurants on the water have always been attractive, and if you live there, you don't need a car to reach anything in the city.

Photo: Talon672

In this corner…Green Lake, the winner that rang Belltown out of the competition in a race that could've been swung by one dinner party of votes.

Sure Green Lake has shops and restaurants and trendy places to hang out, but it's got a lake. How cool is that? Actually very cool if you jump in. But, hey, people do strange things there - like race milk carton canoes. Where else can you do laps for miles without having to worry about traffic lights? Watch out for the baby strollers though. Some of them come by pretty fast. You know it was bigger long ago, right?

So, which neighborhood moves on to the Final Four?

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