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Here's Your Curbed Cup 2014 Second Round Recap

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The Curbed Cup continued this week as we set out to determine Seattle's top neighborhood of 2014. The winners from the first round have been competing in the Elite Eight round. The results are in, and as usual, there are surprises.

· Georgetown did it again by coming in with more than triple the votes of Fremont. They know how to get out the votes.
· South Lake Union continued to succeed over neighborhoods north of their lake by outvoting Green Lake.
· Columbia City was so busy that they got more votes than Pioneer Square did in both rounds.
· Greenwood and Capitol Hill are acting like they're from Florida with votes so close that a single household could sway the results. Waiting for the last minute to post the results and -
Greenwood is the winner by only four votes. Some car stuck in traffic had enough to swing the match.

After the holiday, we'll kick off the Final Four and move one step closer to finding out who will be crowned 2014 Curbed Cup champion.
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