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Check the Digits on This $43M Vashon Island Superlative

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Some houses are so over-the-top that the regular words have to be redefined and the regular numbers have to be checked for the decimal place. Over on Vashon is a house for sale. It sounds normal for a large house: 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 6,500 square feet is large but not unheard of. Then, there's the price: $43,000,000. That's two digits in the millions, six zeroes, and an estimated monthly mortgage of $165,025. How about a daily rate of $5,000? The acreage alone doesn't tell everything, though 525 acres is a lot.
Landscaping? Ha! Over 3,000 kinds of shrubs and flowers. There are 525 acres to work with. They are actually 47 parcels. Grow a forest for good measure! Wrap them all around the private lakes, plural. While they were at it, they added an Art Sanctuary, not an exhibit but a capital S Sanctuary.

There's a place to practice golf, but it isn't just a putting green or a field to chip balls into. There is a driving range, a chipping area, and a putting green - and they are all to PGA standards. What does that even mean for a driving range? Evidently, someone set a standard and they met it.

Got a plane and a helicopter? They each have a place to play. The airplanes can come and go via 2,200 foot strip, and the heli-pad is for those who want to skip that time taxiing. Of course, there's a place to park them as well because there's a hangar. You've got to have a hangar. Speaking of parking, how about a cavernous garage that looks more like a museum? That's for all the vehicles that don't fly.

With whatever is left of the land they've woven 8 miles of trails for humans and horses. The horses also get their own place, a stable that is out of the movies, not some lean-to shed out back but an altar to equines.

Closer to the house, and even a 6,500 square foot house can get lost on 525 acres, there's a pool with a scantily clad sculpture, and an immense patio.

There is a house, and the superlatives continue. About the only room that looks close to normal is the marvelous kitchen. The living areas put lodges in their place. The bathroom is more of a bath wing. Other 6,500 square foot houses have lots of rooms. These rooms have lots of square footage. It must feel expansive (and expensive) to live there. Marble in the kitchen is common, but marble in the closet? Now, that's several steps up. And the wine cellar is more a wine warehouse, but very stylish too.

This is the sort of home that could charge admission if they held an open house, and then donate the proceeds to charity because whoever is going to buy this house is probably not going to worry about that mortgage, unless purely as a financial nuance.

· 12011 220th St [Estately]