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A Long Wait For A Short Sale With A Solar Pool

Some houses are snapped up in days. Others take years. The sellers should be commended for their patience.

Oh, the stories this West Seattle house could tell. It's a long, because it's been on the market for over a year. It's a short, because it is a short sale. It's accumulated stories since 1918. And it's eclectic, because whoever lived there had style and made sure the walls showed it. With all of that going on, for $495,000 this 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,140 square foot 1918 house is on the market. Surely someone is a match for this house. Maybe the pool will seal the deal.
A solar swimming pool in Seattle. That's got to be rare. Currently, it is empty; so, maybe that makes it a skate park in the meantime. The lot is only 5,703 square feet, which doesn't leave much room for lawn after you subtract out the house, the pool, and the detached garage. At least the yard work is kept to a minimum.

Get a tour if you can. The owners may have been allergic to white walls, because there certainly aren't many of them. Different paints, wallpapers, and even murals make each room unique. Even the bench in the breakfast nook is a sweeping curve instead of a blocky square. Simple accents like chevrons on the kitchen cabinets keep the room from being simply dull and functional.

There's a lot of conventional character too: trellises over the front, that somehow many yet to attract clematis; lights that could be original leaded glass; a working fireplace with a tiled mantel.

You might want to change one unconventional element. The swing set in the backyard is directly in front of the garage door (that may be pointed out the back side of the garage?). Take a look at that too. There's probably another story there.
· 3459 39th Ave SW [Redfin]
Written by Tom Trimbath