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Curbed Cup Finals: (14) Columbia City vs. (16) Georgetown

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The Curbed Cup, Curbed Seattle annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, concludes today with the championship match-up to determine our 2014 champion. We'll put the final two to a vote today and the results will be announced on Friday. Polls are open for 48 hours, starting now!

Photo: Rob Ketcherside

In this corner…Columbia City, which bested iconic Seattle neighborhoods Queen Anne and Pioneer Square as well as defending Curbed Cup champion Greenwood to get here.

Seattle is known for its mix of cultures, but few places in the nation are as diverse as Columbia City. It's also one of the greenest communities in the country. That's an impressive accomplishment considering that it's in the Evergreen State. Diverse, green, and affordable - an impressive combination.

Photo: SMA

In the other corner…Georgetown, which upset No. 1 seed Ballard, No. 8 seed Fremont and No. 5 seed South Lake Union to get here.

It was its own city for a while, so it has its own character, just like every Seattle neighborhood. It is a classic case of a place remaking itself from industrial to urban to entrepreneurial. The South Seattle underdog making a case for itself as the city's true up-and-coming neighborhood. Georgetown reinvents itself again.

So, which neighborhood claims the 2014 Curbed Cup Championship?

Poll results

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