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'Modern Warehouse' Apartment Complex Coming to Ballard

On December 8, Hunters Capital and Studio Meng Strazzara will present plans for a proposed apartment complex at 1516 NW 51st St. in Ballard to the design review board for recommendation. What they're presenting is a 60K sq. ft. building with 90 apartments, one live/work and 35 parking stalls. Just behind the Brown Bear Car Wash on 15th Ave, the location straddles the area between Market and Leary, providing a decent homebase for those looking at options in the Ballard/Frelard area. The modern warehouse box design is meant to reflect the evolving neighborhood and amenities include the requisite rooftop deck with a garden, BBQ, sink, counter space, sun area seating, tables, and dining area.
· 1516 NW 51st St []
· 1516 NW 51st Street [SMS]