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$3.5M Queen Anne Tudor Closing in on 500 Days on Market

Some houses are snapped up in days. Others take years. The sellers should be commended for their patience.

The house, the mansion, has been there for over a hundred years. It can wait for the right buyer, and has been waiting for over a year. Live in a Tudor on Queen Anne that was built in 1909 and feel like you're in the right setting to enjoy Downton Abbey. Step 1) have $3,500,000 because that's what they are asking, and for good reason. Step 2) figure out what you'll do with 8,390 square feet, 6 bedroom and 3.5 baths. Plot out your empire, or simply live luxuriously?

Does the suit of armor come with the house? It stands, guarding the staircase, looking like the lord of the manor wants to have it available in an emergency. It would certainly be an interesting way to greet intruders, or trick-or-treaters.

Modern houses look to mimic iconic architecture. Seattle isn't historic England, but the house and the landscaping have the patina of decades. The cast iron radiators were probably an innovative advancement over the fireplaces, which probably weren't ornamental. You get 4 of them. That's a lot of room for roasting chestnuts.

Upgrades have been made to all the systems, with high-end appliances in the kitchen. It would be interesting to know if that marble tub is original. They had marble back then, you know.

There are elements of grandeur: the library, the foyer, the butler's pantry. It has a sunroom larger than many apartments. You get a veranda, a brick paved veranda. The sound of the word is enticing enough. How many houses have verandas that embody the feel of solidity in brick underfoot and iron in the railings?

Oh yes, and if you get the chance to look past the house and the grounds, you'll find a southwest view out over the Sound. The house may be waiting a long time for the right buyer, but it doesn't look like it's in any hurry. The sellers, however, may be a different story.
· 524 W Highland Dr [Redfin]
Written by Tom Trimbath