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Cornerspotted: It's 14th and John in Capitol Hill

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Yesterday, we asked you to guess the Capitol Hill branch of University Savings Bank stood in 1994. Despite the comparably-recent transformation, nobody got this one: 14th Ave and E John St.

Images: Seattle Municipal Archives, Google Maps The sprawling Safeway at 14th and John was finished in 1998, four years after the "before" photo of the already-doomed University Savings Bank was taken. The Seattle Times would call the construction "pleasant" and "not monolithic" when the store opened in 1999. While it's not like the past 15 years have proven that opinion false or anything, I haven't heard anyone sing the praises of that weird, decorative tower or abandoned-looking east wall since then, either. How do you think this building's held up? A resounding "meh"?

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