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The Seattle Holiday Light Show of the Season is in...Kirkland?

Sorry Seattle, you've already lost the Best Seattle Sports Holiday Light Show of 2014 contest and you didn't even know it was taking place. The winner, until proven otherwise, is Anthony Mish of Kirkland, who decked out his home at 11217 NE 100th St with "around 150,000 lights topped by a 34 feet long, 14 feet tall, handmade Seahawks logo." The lights pay homage to not only the Super Bowl champ Seahawks but also the Mariners, Huskies and Sonics (R.I.P.). Mish says it took him about 200 hours to put it altogether and he's been working on the display since just after Halloween. He doesn't charge for people to come watch the lights but a collection for canned food, toys, and other donations is located on site.

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