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You Have to Make $75K to Afford a Cheap House in Seattle

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Image: Trulia Seattle home price heat map

Whether you're renting or buying, you know by now that the cost to live in Seattle just keeps going up and up. So just how much does one have to make in order to live here? Well, if you want to put down a 20% down payment and pay current mortgage rates, you better be making a salary of at least $75,098 to buy a median-priced house of $359,900. That's according to mortgage research firm If that sounds like a lot of money, you're probably not alone. Median household income in the Seattle area in 2012 was $65,677 and that probably hasn't gone up all that much. And in case you weren't already feeling like Seattle home prices are getting out of reach, Seattle came in 7th nationally on's list, closing in on Washington, D.C. and Boston.
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