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This 1521 Second Avenue Condo is in a Glass Case of Emotion

At $2.2M you won't be surprised at the view. Elliott Bay, sunsets, ferries, the Ferris Wheel, and the Olympics - marvelous. Don't block that view! Maybe that's why there's a glass room carved out of the living and dining room. Or maybe that's where the kids go so the grownups can have a quiet meal, or where the adults can go to smoke. The wine locker and the concierge service are impressive, but so is the kitchen. The 2 bedrooms have great views, of course. The bathroom where the person in the shower can spray the person in the bath could be fun, or annoying. Another bathroom, sure, but it isn't as interesting as the room painted like a NASCAR victory podium. Have fun with that fantasy. Over $1200/square foot with 1,723 square feet, and monthly dues over $1000, that's another fantasy; but for someone, a reality.
· 1521 2nd Ave Unit 1604 [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath