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Hey Seattle, How About A Floating Sauna In Union Bay?

Not too long ago we asked you if you'd be interested in a giant barge pool on the Seattle Waterfront. While we wait for that idea to come back around, we'll ask you a different question. How do you feel about a floating sauna in the middle of Union Bay? Cause Seattle-based architecture firm goCstudio is already ahead of you…

seattle-based architecture firm goCstudio has designed a floating sauna to be installed during the summer, 2014. the structure will be placed in union bay in seattle, washington, where it is envisioned to be built with the help of friends and collaborators following a kickstarter fundraiser. docked in a popular spot, the unit will be able to be accessed by kayak, enabling locals to enjoy their city from a new perspective. facilitating healthy living, the small sauna also provides a relaxing and reinvigorating experience out on the water. positioned on top of 55 gallon floatation barrels, the volume incorporates a timber deck supported by aluminum frames. the interior features clear alaskan yellow cedar panels with rows of seating facing an efficient wood burning stove. the stacked structure also consists of a roof deck with a diving board that can be accessed by an external ladder. the back of the sauna space has a cool-down hatch that can be lifted to allow air to circulate through the space.

Just don't let it drift too close to those faulty 520 bridge pontoons. No telling what a little bit of steam might do to them.
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