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Cornerspotted: Welcoming Home The Troops To 2nd & Pike

On Friday, we asked you to guess the cross-streets where this 1951 gathering in downtown Seattle for returning soldiers from Korea was taking place. Walker-D guessed correctly that it was 2nd & Pike and even added lots of great color to the description…

The EItel Building at the corner of Pike and Second, looking north to Pine Street, the Doyle Building in the far distance, that long gone movie theater, adjacent to the Eitel Building, the three story brick retail and apartment building set in next to the Doyle. It and the theater were pulled down---that taking place not many years after this photo was taken. The brick building which housed many businesses and offered cheap apartments managed to hang on until 1521 Second was built How great to see the Eitel still in use with those large windows opened so that workers could see this view.

Photo: SMA

Check back Friday for the next round of Cornerspotter. And if you've got a great idea or image for the next one, feel free to send it our way.
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