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Fishing Vessel Owners' Association Celebrate 100 Years In Seattle

If you were around Seattle's ship canal Thursday morning, you were treated to a rare view; a parade consisting of eight of Seattle's oldest commercial wooden fishing boats cruising their way to the Historic Ships Wharf. This once in a blue moon opportunity was part of the opening of a new exhibit for the Center of Wooden Boats.

The exhibit, "Highliners: Boats of the Century", celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the Fishing Vessel Owners' Association. The boats on display, some 100-years-old themselves, help tell the story and history of longline schooners and the crews involved to bring halibut back to Seattle and across the country. The Seattle Marine Business Coalition estimates commercial fishing brings $3.5 billion into Washington every year, the exhibit helps highlights the advancements in technology that FVOA members have created to help make this business more sustainably managed.

The exhibit will be up at CWB until Fall 2014. If you want this unique chance to view these boats in person though, they will only be on display until February 25th or so. The fleet are all active boats and Alaskan Halibut season opens on March 8th, so back to work they'll have to go.
Photos: Tom Wright