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Want To Live Car-Free In Seattle? Move To Capitol Hill Or Downtown

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Photo: Paul Sableman

You might have thought to yourself at some point that you could probably manage living in Seattle without a car if you had to. Some of you are even already doing it. Seattle Magazine decided to put the theory to the test and find out the best and worst places in the city to live if you wanted to live "off the gas grid."

Based on data that includes easy walking access to Metro and Sound Transit stops, stores, schools and parks as well as density of bike lanes, trails and sidewalks, it should come as no surprise that Downtown, Capitol Hill and University District stand out as the easiest places to live car-free. Green Lake, Central District, Queen Anne and North Admiral also seem to do well.

As for the toughest places to live if you're ditching the auto? Magnolia, South Park, Laurelhurst and Arbor Heights. No surprise, these are also places on the edges and outskirts of the city.
· Is it Possible to Live Car-Free in Seattle? [Seattle Mag]
Image: Seattle Mag