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The Little Fisherman's Terminal Engine Room That Could

Located on Salmon Bay, Fisherman's Terminal turns 100-years-old this year. There's a lot history here, as well as many impressive buildings and boats that share in that story. One building in particular is probably easily overlooked by any passer by, a yellow little building that looks more like a shack.

The tiny shack has a big job. Housed inside is the engine used to pull ships out the water for repairs. As it sits in fresh water, the terminal has a unique advantage. They can use a rail system that would otherwise get eating up in saltwater for pulling up boats. The engine used for pulling up these ships, as well as the rails, actually come from the old Queen Anne counterbalance.

The little engine room that could, sitting quietly and tucked away, doing a big job. Just another piece of the this giant terminals long history.
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