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Attack Of The Townhomes: Porsche Drivers-Only In Ballard

At any given moment there seem to be dozens of townhouses being designed, planned or built around Seattle. We took a look through the design review board archives to see what's currently in the pipeline and here's what we found:

At 5810 14th Ave NW in Ballard, Playhouse Design Group has proposed two structures, each with two townhouses. The proposed townhomes will be three stories tall with four open space parking access from East back alley. They expect to achieve a minimum of 4-Star Build Green certification. Also, judging by the renderings, they expect all of their tenants to drive Porsches.

Staying in Ballard we head over to 1761 NW 59th where b9 architects are planning to demolish the existing single-family structure and construct five new townhouses. The structures will be three stories tall with five below-grade parking spaces. Their goal is to achieve a minimum of 4-Star Built Green.

On to 120 24th Ave East in Madison Valley where Playhouse is going to construct two buildings, each with two townhouses in the Madison-Miller Residential Urban Village. Both will be three-stories tall and they're looking to achieve a minimum of 4-Star Build Green certification (we're starting to sound like a broken record here). All units will have their own rooftop decks.

Finally we go to 120 20th Avenue in between Yesler Terrance and Central District where Julian Weber has plans for eight townhouses. Unit range from 1,160 to 1523 square-feet and all come with their own rooftop deck. A large open courtyard will be included between the two complexes as well.
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