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What Should Seattle's New Nickname Be?

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Did you know Seattle needs a new nickname? Apparently we do. Both Crosscut and GeekWire seem to think Seattle needs a new modifier to sum us all up. Perhaps this is in reaction to that weird "Oakland Of The North" comment in the NY Times a few weeks back, but regardless, it's apparently time to say goodbye to Jet City, Queen City and Emerald City.

Estately came up with some new options, including Cascadia City, Pedestrianopolis and Snass Kwah-Ne-Sun, which is Chinook for "rain city."

We'll throw out there "The Silicon Sound" (cause you're legally required to have a Silicon nickname these days) and "Not Bellevue, Thank God."

What say you? Throw out some suggestions in the comments and, who knows, maybe we'll all be referring to your nickname five years now.
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