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Bertha Delayed For 'Months', Recommended Toll Is $1

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It's been a few days since we've heard any disheartening news about the Highway 99 Tunnel project. So let's find out what we've been missing…

First up, official word from the Washington Transportation Department which admitted in a conference call that it would be "months" before Bertha was ready to start digging again. Deputy Administrator Matt Preedy also said there are no plans to scrap the tunnel and that it remains the "most expedient way" to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct (not that anyone's using that anymore).

If and when the tunnel is finally finished, Seattlites who drive through it every day will have the pleasure of paying a toll every time. But how much will that toll be? An advisory committee studied the issue and has recommended a toll of $1 for normal use and $1.25 for peak time use. The recommendation is the outcome of a study to find out what drivers would be willing to pay to ensure that at least 80% of them stay on the highway instead of diverting to side streets.
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