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Bidding Wars Heated Up Seattle Housing Market In January

Photo: Mark Moz

In January, Seattle home-buying competition increased for the first time since the peak of the 2013 home-buying frenzy in March 2013. Redfin says its clients faced bidding wars in 50% of offers written last month, which is up from 40.3% in December. That's still a far cry from the 67.4% recorded last year.

According to Redfin, the biggest ways that Seattle homebuyers won their bidding wars were by waiving inspections (15.3%), writing a cover letter (13.6%) and offering all cash (11.9%). Keep that in mind if you find yourself in a house-battle.
· Home-buying Competition Picks Up in January, Still a Far Cry From Last Year's Frenzy [Redfin]


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