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The Curious Case Of Mercer Island's Coval House

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There are so many stories about the Coval House, located on a wooded, five-acre estate, it's a bit like the Mercer Island real estate version of SNL's Bill Brasky. "The tropical pool room, with its Japanese Shinzuka trusses and African Bubinga timbers, cost $10M alone!" "It was featured on HGTV's "Million Dollar Rooms!" "The wood was acquired in South Africa, processed in Germany and then kiln dried in Los Angeles!" "It took woodworking artists and craftsman over 16 years to finish building it!"

The saga of one of Mercer Island's most celebrated estates may come to an end tonight, however, when the Mercer Island City Council will decide whether or not to turn the five-acre lot into an eighteen-home development, which will require the demolition of the Coval House.

How did we get here? Well, it's not as though owners Myer and Barbara Coval haven't tried. They put the house and land on the market in 2011 with an initial asking price of $15.5M. Since then, they've come down. Way down. Most recently listed at $7.5M, the property still never found a buyer until MI 84th Limited Partnership came in with the idea to develop the land and they reluctantly agreed.

Along with the home, 206 trees will be removed to make way for the development, though 101 trees will be retained. The newly-created home lots will range between 4,500 and 12,000 square-feet.
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