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MadArt Brings A Little Fire to South Lake Union

Fans of street art strolling through South Lake Union are sure to come across Charreda worthwhile exhibit on Westlake Ave N. The exhibit is a temporary installation on the facade of MadArt's new home currently under construction.

Located at 325 Westlake Ave N., the installation is a large wall of burned and etched wood panels. Tree rings were etched into the burned wood, "recalling the past lives of the building and surrounding neighborhood", according to the MadArt website. Included in the center of the rings is a knothole with a video. The installation was put together by Kathleen Warren and Jon Gentry, with the video created by Kat Larson.

MadArt, started in 2009, plans for their new home to provide opportunities for emerging artist to create large scale installations with the potential for interaction with the public.

Charred will remain up until the completion of construction, which should be within the next couple months.
· Charred Time-lapse [MadArt]