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How Reasonable Are Seattle Rental Prices Right Now?

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If you're in the market for a new Seattle rental, we don't have to tell you that rental prices just keep climbing. From Belltown ($1,627/month avg.) to Ravenna ($2,110/month avg.), it's hard to tell when you're getting a good deal.

Enter RentOMeter, a site that takes rental property information and lets you know whether or not the price is reasonable based on the location, bedrooms, etc.

We decided to take RentOMeter for a test drive and see what we could find out about some current Seattle rental offers...

Address: 5501 26th Ave. NE
Neighborhood: Ravenna
Bedrooms: 2-BR
Price: $1,795/mo.

Address: 4116 Fremont Ave N, #2
Neighborhood: Fremont
Bedrooms: 1-BR
Price: $1,895/mo.

Address: 1302 Queen Anne Ave N
Neighborhood: Lower Queen Anne
Bedrooms: Studio
Price: $1,495/mo.

Address: 2021 1st Ave #F2
Neighborhood: Pike Place
Bedrooms: 1-BR
Price: $2,695/mo.

Address: 2371 48th Ave SW #1
Neighborhood: North Admiral
Bedrooms: 2-BR
Price: $1,340/mo.