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$25K Needed To Fix Pioneer Square Pergola Damage

#HowSeattleRiots might have been a Twitter hashtag poking fun at the non-lethal ways that Seattlites celebrated the Super Bowl, however there was actual trouble in some Seattle spots and the accident-prone, historic Pioneer Square pergola paid the price for some of it. During the Super Bowl celebration, some partiers climbed on the structure and broke almost 20 panes of glass. The iron structure was also covered in graffiti.

An online push to raise $25K to fix the damage caused is underway.

Seattle's historic Iron Pergola was damaged to the tune of $25,000. Now it is time to clean up after ourselves, because this is truly #HowSeattleRiots Let's give the parks department some help in replacing the things we broke, and show that the Seahawks truly have the best fans in the league.

As of 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, the campaign is closing in on $3K. The most common donation? $12. Obviously.
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