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What Seattle Did The New York Times Visit For Their Profile?

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Photo: Dave Sizer

The New York Times recently wrote up an inevitable profile on Seattle following the attention the city received after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. At least, we THINK it was about Seattle. Some of the details provided confused the heck out of us.

Drivers here often smile and wave at one another for no obvious reason. Raise your hand if that has ever happen to you, Seattle. Someone letting you into their lane doesn't count. And we're assuming you're not riding a bike if and when that happens.

That a city priding itself on a nerdy-but-nice blend of socially liberal consciousness — Oakland of the north, some have called it — would have an N.F.L. team noted for its hyperaggressive tactics on the field, as measured by assessed or sometimes overlooked penalties, does make some Seattleites scratch their heads. Raise your hand if you have ever heard anyone refer to Seattle as the "Oakland of the north." Raise your hand if you even know what that means. Raise your hand if you're not confused as to why we're The Oakland of the North and Oakland isn't "The Seattle of California."

SLOG looked into the reference and found the only outlet that has ever used it previously is the New York Times. Ahem.
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