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Westlake Steps Step Closer To Happening, Downtown Buildings Sold For $23M

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DOWNTOWNPSBJ is reporting that Hannay Realty Advisors paid $13.75M for the Broderick Building at 615 Second Ave. and $9.3M for the Miken Building at 1417 Fourth Ave. last week. That's about 3% more than the previous combined sale price.

SOUTH LAKE UNION—Holland Partner Group announced plans to break ground on a six-story office building at 1101 Westlake Ave. N. Per PSBJ, the project is part of Westlake Steps, a development proposed way back in 2007 that will also include a hotel and 570 apartment units.

NORTHGATEMcQuaid Commercial Real Estate Brokers announced the sale of the eight-unit Ed John Apartments at 10521 Midvale Avenue North on Tuesday. The sale was $811K, or $101,375 per unit.