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Attack Of The Townhomes: Ominous Skies Edition

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At any given moment there seem to be dozens of townhouses being designed, planned or built around Seattle. We took a look through the design review board archives to see what's currently in the pipeline and here's what we found:

Address: 4107 SW Oregon St.
What Is It?: A three-story, four-unit townhouse development consisting of two duplexes.
Neighborhood: Junction/West Seattle
Amenities: A good-sized courtyard that encourages "a shared exterior social hub while connecting the development to the larger urban fabric." Sounds lovely.
Parking: One stall for each home.
Obligatory Rooftop Deck?: Naturally...

Address: 1902 24th Ave S & 1909 25th Ave S
What Is It?: 28 "ground-related dwellings" (Ed. note: BARF) across two back-to-back buildings.
Neighborhood: Mt. Baker
Amenities: Plans call for a drivable courtyard in-between buildings, garages for most units and a sport court.
Parking: 28 spots, one for each "dwelling."
Obligatory Rooftop Deck?: So many rooftop decks...

Address: 3637 13th Ave W
What Is It?: Three 3-story townhomes.
Neighborhood: Interbay
Amenities: Developers are attempting to achieve a minimum of 4-Star Built Green certification while targeting Passivhaus with a focus on using reclaimed materials.
Parking: One parking space per unit.
Obligatory Rooftop Deck?: Of course

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