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And Now, The 10 Richest Neighborhoods Around Seattle

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Following the example set by our sister-sites, Curbed LA and Curbed NY, we're going to dissect the Higley 1000, a list that uses information from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey 2006-2010 to rank the nation's most affluent neighborhoods according to mean household income. The most affluent neighborhood in the nation? Greenwich, Connecticut's "Golden Triangle," where a mean household income is $614K annually. No Seattle-area neighborhood cracked the Top 200, which, is maybe good? Maybe bad? Depends how you look at it. Either way, look at this list of the ten local areas with the highest mean incomes…

10) Lakeside/Leschi: ($243K)
9) Interlaken Park (CH): ($250K)
8) Broadmoor/Washington Park: ($253K)
7) The Highlands/Highland Terrace: ($254K)
6) Denny Blaine/Madrona Waterfront ($255K)
5) Mercer Island South: ($260K)
4) Clyde Hill: ($289K)
3) Medina: ($290K)
2) Edmonds Oceanfront: ($306K)
1) West Mercer Island: ($318K)

Atlantic Cities points out that households can only claim up to $2M in income on the American Community Survey, so in actuality, these figures may be much higher. For more information on Seattle's rankers, check out the Higley 1000 by neighborhood.
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