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Hollywood Has Destroyed Seattle Roughly Four Times

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Give or take some indie features that most people aren't aware of, Seattle has been destroyed by a monster, creature, climatic event, geologic event, infection of man-made disaster approximately four times in Hollywood movies. That's the findings over a The Concourse, which tracked down every cinematic attack or disaster that has afflicted various parts of the United States.

New York City has gotten it the worst with 35 disasters, followed closely by Los Angeles with 34. San Francisco, D.C. and Chicago have gotten it pretty bad as well. So compared to that, Seattle has gotten it easy in movie-land.

Naturally, these numbers come with handy maps to make sense of it all.

Seattle was the sight of a tornado (?) in the 2008 direct-to-DVD thriller 'Storm Cell.'

In 10.5, Seattle was felled by earthquakes. Volcanic eruptions created a Ring of Fire, decimating Seattle in 'Descent.'

Finally, Seattle was the site of some serious superhero destruction in the found footage flick 'Chronicle.'

Can you think of any other films that featured Seattle meeting an untimely end via disaster or attack? Chime on in below.
· Map: How Hollywood Has Destroyed America [The Concourse]