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Check Out Northwest Polite Society's Ever-Evolving Space

Tucked underneath the Annex Theatre in Capitol Hill lives Northwest Polite Society, a marketing firm that uses guerrilla-style marketing to create a more polite world with their campaigns. We received a (very polite) invite to check out their new space for ourselves.

As you first walk down the stairs to the basement level, where their office is located, you might expect to enter a storage space with flickering florescent lights. Quickly though you find your way to an office that instantly feels cozy and comfortable. While the space was used as a storage room by the previous tenants, Northwest Polite Society used their creative powers and a little elbow grease to turn it into a room that inspires creativity.

Chuck Zimmerman, one of the founding members and who did most of the renovations himself, wanted the space to reflect the personalities and interest of those working there.

"We're a communication company, so our space should say something about us. Always evolving, never finished, always a work in progress", says Zimmerman.

That's exactly the sense you feel there. Nothing looks accidental, it feels complete. But at the same time, there's room to grow if they feel the need to do so.
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