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FjällRäven Brings Swedish Touch To Downtown Seattle

The Swedish are coming! Wait, that's not right. What has arrived to Seattle though is the Swedish retail store Fjällräven. Started back in the 1950's, they specialize in creating outdoor wear for a variety of activities.

While they've been open for a few months at 1113 1st Ave., the Swedish retailer hosted a store event last Thursday to introduce themselves to Seattle and show off the quality outdoors clothes and gear they've been making from the beginning.

Their signature collection is the G-1000 series, a fabric tightly woven that provides good durability and versatility. One unique aspect from Fjällräven is Greenland Wax used to adapt your gear depending on the conditions you'll encounter. More wax makes the the gear more resistant to wind and water, while using less wax keeps the gear cooler and more breathable.