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How About Turning The Viaduct Into A Public Park?

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Over the weekend the folks at Park My Viaduct kicked off the start of their campaign, Visualize The Viaduct. The event was an opportunity for people to learn about, and provide opinions on, their plan to turn part of the Alaskan Way Viaduct into a public park.

Among many of the goals fro this project, the group hopes to preserve fourteen blocks of the Viaduct, from about Pike Place Market to Pioneer Square. The lower deck would mostly be removed, with the exception of select sections to be used as play areas/parks and transition levels. The top deck would contains a boulevard for pedestrians and bicyclists and a covered colonnade space just below it would be used for various year-round activities.

The event was hosted at Alki Arts at the Harbor Steps, and goes until March 30th. On Saturday they had architect Kevin Peterson give a talk about some of the ideas for how to turn the viaduct into a viable park. They then welcomed anyone to participate in workshops and create art for the park or share ideas about what could be done for the project.

Between March 23 and March 28, anyone is welcomed to stop by Alki Arts to work on and develop any ideas they might have. Then on the 29th, you're invited to put those ideas on display and discuss them. Lastly, the event wraps up with a fundraiser on March 30th.

Park My Viaduct is also planning a ballot initiative for the fall election. Whatcha think? Is there hope to turn the viaduct into a public space or should we just tear it down?
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