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Porch Home & Neighborhood Report Like CarFax For Houses

Seattle-based home improvement network Porchand recently announced the launch of the Porch Home and Neighborhood Report, a free resource for understanding the remodeling and project history of a specific home and its neighborhood, to millions of prospective home buyers searching for homes on

Basically, CarFax for your home.

Porch Home & Neighborhood Reports can include the following:

· Home & Project History: Home history from the Porch database which can include the projects, costs, photos, and professionals that worked on that home.
· Neighborhood Home Improvement Insights: A summary of home improvement projects completed throughout the neighborhood. The Porch Home & Neighborhood Report provides details on various types of projects including median cost and local professionals in order to help prospective home buyers learn about what a project may cost and who they can hire.
· Neighborhood Stats: Insights into all neighborhood homes so a home buyer can compare the home for sale to others nearby. Insights include home values, size, age, percentage of homes that are owner occupied, and the number of years neighbors have lived in their homes.

Here's an example of a Seattle home report...

· Enters Real Estate Space with Groundbreaking Home and Neighborhood Project History Reports Available on [Porch]