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Ten Reasons Hotel Max Is Maxing Out The Seattle Experience

Every hotel is Seattle is trying to put its best foot forward to attract visitors and locals alike. But every time we look up, it seems like Hotel Max is the one taking one massive leap. Complimentary wi-fi and valet parking are nice, but check out these eight amenities that we think kicks things up to the Max.

1. Forget the linen-draped tray, sliver-domed plate covers and tiny salt & pepper shakers, room service here comes courtesy of James Beard Award-winning chef Jason Wilson's hotspot Miller's Guild. Your food is delivered in custom-stamped brown paper bags with butcher's twine, compostable containers and personalized labels and tags, complete with the name of the cook who prepared your meal. Guild-to-table room service.

2. It's Happy Hour every night between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. when hotel guests can sample some of the best local craft beers for free. All you need to imbibe is a hotel keycard and photo ID. Right now Seattle-based Stoup Brewing is being featured.

3. Like Seattle music? Then you probably love Sub Pop Records. How bout an entire floor dedicated to the legendary Pacific Northwest label? Every guest room on the 5th Floor is loaded with Sub Pop band posters, turntables, label-curated vinyl records, and Sub Pop music videos on the in-room televisions.

4. Rather make your own music? Create your own soundtrack by borrowing an iPod preloaded with your favorite genre of music. And yes, there's even one that comes with Sub Pop music in case you need a refresher.

5. The only ones who get treated better than you at the Max is your dog. Every pet gets their own pet beds, bowls, toys and treats. Also available is a pet-friendly food menu and a pet spirituality menu full of inspirational books. For you. About your dog. Not for the dog to read…

6. The Max prides itself on being almost a live-in art museum. Each of the ten guestroom floors features the work of a different Seattle photographer. That includes the 5th Floor collection of Charles Peterson's musical photographs as well as artists like John Armstrong and Roniq Bartanen.

7. Want to leave your mark on Seattle's gum wall? Snag a free gumball from the machine in the lobby and start chewing. By the time you get to Post Alley, it'll be good and ready.

8. It pays to be Max's Facebook friend or Twitter follower. They offer 15%-off your stay and free wifi to anyone who books through either social media source.

9. Max doesn't just slap down a Bible in your room and call it a day. If you want a side of spirituality to go with your slumber, order up your book of choice from their Spirituality Menu. If you believe it, they've got the book to prove it.

10. Starting next Thursday, Max is starting Superfuzz, a happy hour event every Thursday from 6-9 p.m. 90's-inspired music spun by Seattle's best DJs all while Miller's Guild serves up snacks, cocktails and craft beers. It's basically everything Hotel Max wants to showcase distilled into one event.