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$1.28M Fauntleroy 5-BR Fancies Itself A Gesamtkunstwerk

Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto was a man of many styles. Between the 1920s and 1970s, his vision ranging from Nordic Classicism to International Style Modernism and even Monumentalism. So we suppose when you say that a house is "Alvar Aalto inspired," you literally could be talking about anything and get away with it. This 5-BR/3-bath in Fauntleroy says just that about its remodeled look, which certainly leans more toward Aalto's later, modern career. What was important to Aalto, and what we think that this home is going for, is his desire to achieve status as Gesamtkunstwerk, or, "a total work of art." You be the judge on whether or not they achieved it.
· 3912 SW Henderson St [Estately]
· Alvar Aalto [Wikipedia]