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Meet Seattle's Three Newest Historic Landmarks

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The Seattle City Council recently approved landmark designation for three new City of Seattle landmarks:

· Alexander Hall on the Seattle Pacific University campus in Queen Anne. Completed in 1893 by architect John Parkinson. The building is currently closed until September 2014, while undergoing a seismic retrofit.

· The Neptune Building, home of the Neptune Theater in U-District, was built in 1921 (1301 NE 45th Street) by architect Henderson Ryan.

· Maple Leaf's Chiarelli-Dore House completed in 1949 by architect James Chiarelli. The 3-BR house last sold for $482K in November 2012.

The trio now joins the more than 400 historic structures, sites, objects, and vessels, as well as seven historic districts located throughout the city, protected by historic landmark status.
· Seattle City Council Approves Three new Historic Landmarks []
· 843 NE 100th St [Redfin]