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Seattle Home Sales Are Down Because Of The Seahawks?

Photo: Karyn Christner

The number of home sales in the Puget Sound region dropped 8% in February from a year ago. Naturally, one asks the question, "Why?" And, at least according to some, the answer is…the Seahawks. Wait, what?

Another industry leader pointed not only to a "severe shortage of homes for sale" in the most sought-after price ranges, but also to the fan frenzy surrounding the Seahawks as a factor in the setback of sales. "The Seahawks' run to the Super Bowl affected sales," reported J. Lennox Scott. Since the Super Bowl Championship game, he said listing activity has picked up, resulting in brisk sales activity for the new, but still limited inventory. Did you decide not to list your home because the Seahawks were marching towards the Super Bowl? If so, we'd love to hear about that because there is just no way in hell we're believing that until someone proves it.

According to NWMLS, the median price of Puget Sound houses & condos that did sell in February was up almost 13%. Locally in Seattle, closed sales were up 6.2% and the median price was up 9.5% from 2013. Not sure how the Seahawks pulled that off, but, good job, Coach Carroll!
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