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Pike Place Market Waterfront Connection Plans Unveiled

Tuesday, we learned about plans for an urban gondola to run from the convention center to the waterfront. Wednesday, we got our first-look at the vision for Seattle Waterfront 2.0. Thursday, it's Pike Place Market's turn to show us what they've got in store as they officially unveiled the latest plans for a massive $65M renovation.

The plan by the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority calls for ground to be broken within the next year and the expansion to be completed by the end of 2016. The low-rise, mixed-use development will provide parking for the Pike Place Market and the central waterfront, added retail and restaurant space, several stories of low-income housing and expanded social services. The renovation also would connect the market with the Seattle Aquarium for easy pedestrian access.

The notable specifics of the project include 15K square-feet of new retail space, new space for craft stalls on the roof terrace, 30K square-feet of public space that include a plaza and viewing deck, 40 low-income housing units for the elderly, 300 new parking spaces and a bevy of public art installations. That's all in line with what we had originally heard way back in 2012.
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