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Vulcan Gonna Vulcan: More South Lake Union Development Planned

Vulcan Real Estate, your friendly neighborhood real estate overlord, especially if your neighborhood is South Lake Union, has begun thinking about how to develop a South Lake Union block bounded by 9th, Westlake, Denny and John. Currently the home of the South Lake Union Discovery Center and Denny Playfield, the potential to build larger buildings is available according to a Vulcan spokesperson.

"We have no design detail at this stage, but the zoning allows a 240' office building and a 400' residential tower. We are just at the beginning of the dialogue/guidance phase with DPD." Roughly-speaking, that could translate into over 400K square feet of office space, 500 residential units and 850 parking stalls. Lucky for the Discovery Center, it was built to be easily disassembled and moved.
· Vulcan's inexorable development push continues [PSBJ]