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Hello To All Of Seattle's Oregon, Hawaii & Idaho Arrivals

As we recently learned, for the first time since 1910, the city of Seattle is growing faster than the King County suburbs surrounding it. Apparently we have a lot of folks from Oregon, Idaho and Hawaii to thank for that. At least, that's according to Spokeo, which has released the Spokeo Mobile Migration Map, a visual representation of the most common out-of-state mobile numbers found in cities across America. Naturally, there are a lot of "duh" moments, like finding out Oregon and Idaho transplants top the list, but there's also some interesting findings, especially when you look at the list of Top 20 cities that Seattle immigrants came from.

1. San Francisco, CA (explains a lot during football season)
2. Los Angeles, CA (includes Pete Carroll, we assume)
3. San Diego, CA
4. San Jose, CA
5. Chicago, IL
6. Phoenix, AZ
7. Mesa, AZ
8. Tucson, AZ
9. Beaverton, OR
10. Portland, OR
11. Washington, DC
12. Denver, CO
13. Las Vegas, NV
14. Houston, TX
15. Dallas, TX
16. Austin, TX (why???)
17. Salt Lake City, UT
18. New York, NY
19. Indianapolis, IN
20. Saint Louis, MO (Your tears run our economy, local Rams fans)
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