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Plans For Downtown Seattle's Eitel Building Fall Through. Again.

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Oh, poor Eitel Building. You just can't catch a break, can you? Located at 1501 Second Avenue, the Seattle Landmark has had so many start and stops in its quest to be something once again, it's getting a little silly. Plans to incorporate it into a 22-story mixed-use tower went nowhere. Plans for an 80-room hotel were scrapped back in 2012. Now, Urban Visions's vision to turn it into a mixed-use haven with a rooftop restaurant are no more.

UV's owner Greg Smith told PSBJ that his deal to buy the seven-story building fell through, citing the costs involved with retrofitting the 110-year-old Eitel, which would otherwise be in serious danger of collapsing during renovation. It's a sentiment echoed by the previous potential suitor, who also balked at the overall cost involved.

And so, Eitel is back on the market for $4.95M. Who's next?
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