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New Renderings For Saltworks, Ballard's Creativity Incubator

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We first heard about Saltworks, a proposed mixed-use complex at 5601 20th Ave NW in Ballard, back in September. The idea was, and still is, "to create an incubator for the next generation of creative people in Ballard." How does InHaus Development plan to go about making that happen? For starters, filling the building with 35 residential units, three ground floor live/work units and a corner retail space at the corner of 56th and 20th NW. Plans call for a common room, rooftop patio, common garden, 19 below-grade parking stalls, 39 in-building bike parking spaces and two 4-space bike racks on the street. The unique look of the building, a meshing of exposed brick, concrete and metal is meant to drive home Saltworks' purpose. Check out more renderings below and lets see what the design review board says at the recommendation meeting on April 21.
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