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Here's A Cool Map Of Every Independent Coffee Shop In Seattle

You Are Here is an ongoing project that will produce a map of a different city every day over the course of the year. The maps are an "aggregation of thousands of microstories, tracing the narratives of our collective experience." We can't think of many better ways to trace the Seattle narrative than to map all of the independent coffee shops across the city.

The map not only shows the location of coffee shops but also the "walking-shed" communities associated with them.

Independent coffee shops are positive markers of a living community. They function as social spaces, urban offices, and places to see the world go by. Communities are often formed by having spaces in which people can have casual interactions, and local and walkable coffee shops create those conditions, not only in the coffee shop themselves, but on the sidewalks around them. We use maps to know where these coffee shop communities exist and where, by placing new coffee shops, we can help form them. The colors on the map get more intense the more walkable the specific area is. Dive into the map and each indie coffee shop here. We'll keep an eye on the site for future Seattle maps as well.
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