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Beacon Capital Selling Bellevue Center, U District Light Rail Station Battle

BELLEVUEBeacon Capital has been working hard on creating a two-tower complex in downtown Bellevue called Bellevue Center for years. Now that it appears ready to go, they're selling. Permits are in place for the 572K-square-foot first tower, so a buyer could begin construction pretty quickly. [PSBJ]

U DISTRICT—We don't know what the space above the U District light rail station will look like but a few groups are pushing for their version to go through. Community group U District Square wants an open plaza above the station while the site is currently being designed to accommodate a large tower. The University of Washington has final say on the matter. [PSBJ]

TACOMA—Via PSBJ, Chinese developer Yareton Investment & Management wants to build a 300-room, four-star hotel adjacent to the Tacoma Convention Center. The two-tower project would also include up to 220 condos and 60K square feet of street-level retail. The towers could rise as high as 18 and 34 stories, respectively. [PSBJ]