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This Week In Strange, Weird & Terrible Seattle Real Estate Listing Photos

As the weekend approaches, let's take a look around the Seattle real estate listings to find some examples of the strange, the weird and just the plain terrible. (Come across one we missed? let us know…)

This home is being offered "As Is," to which we say, "No Thanks."

You don't see too many framed photos of Ronald McDonald these days, leading us to assume this house is owned by Mama McDonald.

Uh, you guys, we're pretty sure that's the portal that takes you to the mysterious land in Myst.

Hey, we're all for abstract art and, not judging at all, but that thing above your fireplace looks like a wall of cascading poop.

Why is every television in the house tuned to the channel showing the house's backyard on endless loop?

No. 1, does the cat have its own television? No. 2, do you sit on that couch watching the cat climb that thing all night?
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