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Hotel Clare Is The Next Pineapple Hotel Picked For Seattle

Image: Maxwell Hotel

If you've ever stayed at Hotel FIVE, The Maxwell Hotel, Watertown Hotel or University Inn, you know what the Pineapple Hospitality experience is about in Seattle. You'll be able to add one more staycation spot soon enough with the company opens Hotel Clare, an approximately 200-room hotel at Second Avenue & Virginia Street. Pineapple Hospitality Co. President Michelle Barnet told PSBJ that the project will likely take two years to build and cost $70M. Ankrom Moisan Architects and Seattle interior designer Andrea Dawson will design the Clare, which has plans for a transparent elevator guests can ride to the lobby, which will be atop the tower.
· 'Pineapple express' bringing $70 million hotel to downtown Seattle [PSBJ]