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Please Say Hello To The New Era Of Curbed Seattle Commenting

Photo: Nico Paix

Welcome to a new day in the world of Curbed Seattle commenting. To encourage more thoughtful community discussion, Curbed Seattle no longer accepts anonymous comments. If you want to call EMP ugly or argue about the merits of aPodments, you'll just have to log in to do so. But don't worry—registering only takes a few seconds, and you can do it at the bottom of any post, including this one.

The change follows recent upgrades to our commenting system, which made it easier to get to know and follow one another. Users can follow each other on Twitter and see how many comments they've made on the site. If you just can't get enough of a fellow community member's insights, you can follow their comment feed directly. Just click on their username to see their profile, where there are both "follow" and "ignore" options. For those who used anonymous comments to submit tips, please send those directly to or click "submit an anonymous tip" at the bottom of a post. You can also send the editors information anonymously via this form.

Have questions, complaints, tips, or suggestions regarding the change in our commenting policy? Sign up and leave them in the comments.