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Here's How Seattle's Tallest Hotel Will Fit Into The Skyline

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Ninth & Stewart is apparently no more. The long-proposed hotel by developer R.C. Hedreen is now going with the name 8th & Howell. Perhaps it's a way of stepping away from the project's issues that have popped up over the last few years, or perhaps it's just literally due to a change in where the front doors will be located. Regardless, the firm has submitted tweaked plans for the massive structure as part of their Early Design Guidance meeting with the design review board on April 22.

Plans now call for 1,270 hotel rooms (way down from 1,680 but still just barely enough to be the most in Seattle), 114,000 sq. ft. of meeting and ballroom space, ground-level retail and restaurants and five levels of below-grade parking with approximately 450 stalls and employee support facilities. No mention of the 152 affordable housing units for employees that has been a staple of plans to date.

As listed, the 500-foot hotel tower would be tied with 1918 Eighth Avenue as the 13th-tallest buildings in Seattle. Check out some new renderings as well as images that showcase how the eventual tower will look within the Seattle skyline.
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